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Heat Pumps Floor Console (Single Room)

A floor mounted heat pump is a great solution when high-wall mounted doesn’t suit your room or when you want a heating solution that’s away from eye level - it also has the added optional aesthetic benefit of being recessed into the wall. A floor mounted heat pump is connected via ducting to an outside unit. We can recommend and install the Panasonic heat pump model that’s just right for creating a comfortable temperature in any room. You control your heat pump with its own remote control, or via a smartphone app (if you choose the wifi option).

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Single room 

Single Room Floor Console - Heating

Single Room Floor Console - Heating

In this package

Panasonic 25UFR Floor Console Heat Pump

This Panasonic 25UFR floor console heat pump will easily heat a master bedroom of approx. 28m3, and its floor-mounted design is a great option for those with more floor space or when you don't want a heat pump mounted high on your wall. It provides 3.40kW heating and has an Energy Star Rating of 4.5 heating. HRV offer 3 sizes of Panasonic floor console heat pumps, so speak to us about the best option for your home.

Floor console heat pumps are an energy efficient form of heating for your home that are away from eye level and can be recessed into the wall for a more seamless finish.

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Build a solution that’s right for your home

Build a solution that’s right for your home

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