Have you ever reached for that pair of shoes at the back of your wardrobe, only to find them covered in mould? Disappointing, right? And as you scrubbed them clean did you ever think about where that mould came from?

The air we breathe is made up of all sorts of good stuff (like oxygen) as well as carrying some not so good stuff (like mould spores, bacteria, allergens and dust). When the conditions are right, i.e., damp, wet and dark, then things like mould and mildew will grow fast and start causing trouble.

That’s where an HRV home ventilation system comes in. It is designed to combat dampness by circulating dry, filtered air from your ceiling through your home. Another way to describe it is a   ‘positive pressure ventilation system’ as the flow from your roof and out through vents in your ceiling is continuously pushing out the damp, stale air.

HRV home ventilation is especially helpful in in humid climates and in the colder months when homes are typically not well-ventilated. Humidity, moisture and stagnant air provide the perfect conditions for mould to grow.

By reducing the conditions where mould and mildew grow, you and your family will be breathing in fresher, filtered air. It also means you can say good bye to not just mouldy clothes, but those weeping windows too! The drier air circulated from you roof cavity will reduce condensation in your home.

A drier home is a healthier home. And it’s also an easier home to heat, yet another benefit of HRV home ventilation. And who doesn’t enjoy coming back to a snug home?