A warm dry home is one of the most important things New Zealanders look for when buying a home. According to a Westpac survey in May, it’s number one!

A home ventilation system can be a great way to help create that comfortable home environment we all want. So it makes sense to think carefully about which system to install.

What sometimes gets overlooked, though, is the installation itself. On the face of it, asking your friendly sparky or even doing it yourself can seem like a way to save a few dollars. But is it worth the risk? 

One size doesn’t fit all

At HRV we don’t sell “off the shelf.” Instead, one of our HRV Experts visits your home for a Free Home Assessment before recommending a solution to suit the size and layout of your home, as well as your budget. (You can get some first ideas online beforehand with our Home Solution Generator too).

Once you’ve agreed on the system you want, we manage every aspect of the installation for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it!

Quality built in

When you shop for the cheapest ventilation system, you may end up getting what you pay for! Choose HRV and you know you’ll get great value that includes:

  • A fully controllable system (some budget options don’t allow that)
  • 2-year filter life (cheaper systems can feature 1-year filters, driving up your overall cost)
  • 5-year warranty on parts and installation

No hidden costs

Buying a system from a hardware store based on price means it’s up to you to manage installation costs. With HRV, your quote includes installation, and we guarantee you won’t pay a cent more. 

Safety first

It goes without saying that all HRV Home Ventilation Systems are built to the highest New Zealand safety standards. While a system you buy elsewhere might be too, DIY installation can be pretty risky! Climbing ladders while carrying tools and components, working in cramped dark ceiling spaces (not to mention those resident spiders!)… it makes sense to leave it to the experts. 


According to QV New Zealand, the average kiwi home is sold every 6 years.  So, it’s a good idea when choosing a ventilation system to think about what a prospective buyer might think. While most buyers would consider a ventilation system a great thing to look for when buying a home, would they be quite so keen knowing it hadn’t been professionally installed?

Take a closer look at HRV Home Ventilation

A professionally installed HRV Home Ventilation system gives you complete control of cost, removes the safety risk and delivers the reassurance of a 5 year warranty. To see what sort of system could work for your home, take a look at our Home Solution Generator today.