New Zealand’s largest home ventilation and heating company, Kiwi-owned HRV, today joined the call for all political parties to back proposed heating, insulation and ventilation standards for rental properties.

HRV Group General Manager Helen Murchison endorsed the recent open letter led by the New Zealand Green Building Council, Barfoot & Thompson and Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ.

“Our staff around the country see the health effects of people living in damp cold homes every day. Too many New Zealand families are living in substandard conditions and renters are among the hardest hit,” says Ms Murchison.

She says that while there’s a good amount of interest from landlords in heating their rental properties with heat pumps, ventilation can make a real difference too.

“Ventilation dries out the home, which is a win-win. Drier air is quicker and easier to heat – so that’s a money saver. What’s more important though is that it makes it harder for mould to grow – and that’s a life saver.”

Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ Chief Executive Letitia Harding agrees. “Respiratory disease affects 700,000 Kiwis and is New Zealand’s third most common cause of death. Warmer, drier, better ventilated rental properties will improve these numbers.”