One of the questions we get asked most often over the kitchen table when we visit Kiwi families is, “should I go for HRV home ventilation or a heat pump.”

Turns out, the best answer for many homes is “both!”

Here’s why.

Heat pumps are fantastic. They’re a really efficient way to heat or cool one room, or (if you go for a ducted system) your whole home. At the touch of a switch you can set the desired temperature then let your heat pump go to work, quietly and efficiently.

That’s what they do. Here’s what they don’t do:

Remove winter moisture or bring fresh air into your home.

Take a look at a heat pump next time you see one. It works by taking the air already in the room, passing it over a heat exchanger to heat or cool it, then passing it out through a filter. There’s no inlet for fresh outside air – heat pumps just don’t work that way. (That outside unit is basically a radiator, circulating warmed or cooled fluid from inside to outside – it doesn’t act as an air inlet.)

How an HRV home ventilation system makes heat pumps even better

First off, HRV home ventilation brings in fresh, outside air via your roof space, filters it, then delivers it to your living areas. The air in your home is changed up to three times per hour – great in winter when doors and windows are closed!

Secondly, HRV home ventilation drives down moisture levels. Family life creates moisture from showering, cooking, laundry and just breathing! Moist air is bad for your furnishings, walls and ceilings (mould, anyone?) and living in a damp home can be unhealthy.

Finally, your heat pump works more efficiently when it’s heating drier air. Damp air takes more energy to heat. That means more time to get warm, and bigger power bills!

And here’s the one that’s hardest to put into words: the way HRV home ventilation makes your home feel. Walk into a home with HRV for the first time and you’ll get where our promise comes from: love the feeling of coming home.

To find out more about HRV home ventilation and how it works with heat pumps, get in touch for a free home assessment today.