By James Gilderdale, HRV North Shore.

Our subtropical location and the fact we’re surrounded by water can make for pretty damp winters  –Auckland’s relative humidity often tops 80% in Winter*! And that’s bad news on a lot of fronts.

Damp homes aren’t just uncomfortable, they’re unhealthy**. If you’re seeing mould on the walls or in your wardrobe, or condensation on the windows, you’ve got a dampness emergency! At HRV North Shore we’re here to help you create a drier, more comfortable home for you and your family.

HRV Home Ventilation is an amazing system. By using the drier air from your home’s roof space it can make a real difference to the air your family breathes. That’s why over 500,000 Kiwis live in an HRV home. I could talk about the benefits all day long but for me it comes down to these top three:

Drier air in every room of the house

Damp air is no good for anyone. It lets mould grow, it’s not good for your health and makes it hard to feel comfortable. HRV home ventilation brings drier, filtered air from your roof space to drive out the damp air created by showering, cooking, clothes driers and just breathing.

Filtered air so you can breathe easy

2020 taught us all the importance of protecting our families from airborne nasties. HRV home ventilation comes with high grade filters as standard. They’re not designed to remove virus particles, but we use the same technology hospitals to do reduce dust, pollen, bacteria and mould spores from entering your home. It’s one reason HRV is partnered with Allergy New Zealand.

Drier air drives down your heating bill

Damp air takes more energy to heat. That means it takes longer, and costs you more, to get your home up to a comfortable and healthy temperature when it’s damp. With HRV home ventilation the air in your home is dryer so it’s faster and easier to heat.

Hear what our customers have to say

Investing in something as important as home ventilation is a big decision. So if you live on the North Shore, ask around about us! With 13,000 systems installed you’re bound to know someone who loves what HRV has done for their home. In the meantime check out what the Reece Family had to say about HRV.

If it sounds like I’m on a bit of a mission, it’s because I am! My team at HRV North Shore believes in what we do and will work with you to make sure the ventilation system we install is just right for you and your family.

As the TV show says, “winter is coming.” Call us today on 0800 478 123 and make sure you’re ready.

*NIWA data

**Read what Auckland Council has to say on damp, unhealthy homes: