How Water Filtration Can Help The Whole Home - 06/12/2016

There is literally nothing more refreshing than a glass of cool, fresh water. Bet you’re thirsty right now, aren’t you? Fresh water does great things for our bodies and we also use it for a wide variety of tasks around the home. In fact, most facets of our lives require the use of water. Washing clothes, dishes, mopping the floors, watering the garden - living without a fresh water supply would be extremely difficult. While New Zealanders are so lucky that we do have relatively clean water coming through our taps, it’s still not that pure or fresh. In fact, it’s full of impurities and contaminants.

Around half of our drinking water in New Zealand comes from surface sources like rivers, so needs to be decontaminated. Our rivers suffer from pollution because as a country whose economy relies heavily on the agriculture industry, we have a LOT of farms. And a lot of farms means a lot of effluent and fertilizer that runs off of farmland and into the water supply. To then make this drinkable and safe for humans, it needs to go through a rigorous treatment process to remove the majority of contaminants. But it doesn’t remove them all, and in some cases, can leave your water with chemical residue. While you definitely don’t want farm runoff in your glass of tap water, you probably also don’t want to be drinking a mouthful of chemicals with names you don’t know and can’t pronounce.

The wonderful thing is, that home water filtration is readily available, and helps to remove most of those contaminants for you. While kitchen tap water filters are pretty common in New Zealand homes these days, HRV’s Whole Home Water Filtration systems provide filtered water throughout your entire house. So your washing machine, outdoor taps, kitchen, and bathroom will all have filtered, purer water running through them, making life a bit cleaner and safer for you and your family.

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How Polluted Is Our Water?

There are several things that impact the cleanliness of our water supply - land use, human population density and the restoritive efforts that have gone into protecting the water supply. Our water quality is monitored on a national level by the National Rivers Water Quality Network (NRWQN) and by local body governments - both agree that even though our water quality is good by international standards, it is declining.

Nitrogen and phosphorous levels, mostly caused by farm runoff have increased sharply in many New Zealand freshwater sources. These cause the natural environment of our rivers to go a bit haywire - temperatures change, new sorts of plant matter grow and it affects the bird, insect and aquatic life that help maintain a healthy river ecology. The Waikato River provides 40% of Auckland’s water, and as the river is largely lined with farms, it’s no surprise that these farming by-products are making their way into our water.

Not only are our rivers in bad shape, but studies show that 56% of our lakes are in a eutrophic state. This means that they suffer from frequent and often toxic algal blooms, particularly from cyanobacteria which can be found in many central North Island lakes.

If our fresh water is suffering from this amount of bacteria and contamination, there are major consequences for how we use it. It seems strange to think that many years ago, most of our rivers were swimmable, and maybe even drinkable. Now, many rivers and lakes[CD1]  have warning signs saying that the water is contaminated and unsafe for human activity. Here at HRV, we want to bring the sensation of drinking and using fresh and uncontaminated water to you at your home through our filtration system.

How Does A Water Filtration System Work?

To make our tap water safe, it gets treated at some water plants by adding chemicals like chlorine. While these are relatively safe at trace levels, wouldn’t you rather be drinking chemical-free water, or at least water that has had most of these chemicals removed? It’s not only chemicals in the water, but bacteria can make its way through the treatment process and still find its way into the water supply in your house. Even though you’ve probably managed to get through your life without getting sick from water contamination, the fact is that the pollution levels are increasing, which means the risk is higher.

HRV’s Whole Home Water Filtration systems work to try cut out as many impurities as possible - ones that sneak in from the water source, and the ones present from chemical treatment. Our multi-stage filter captures most sediment and heavy metals and removes up to 98% of chlorine from tap water. At the first stage, some bacteria and sediment are removed, this helps improve the water’s colour and clarity. Stages two and three use a combination of granular activated carbon and a material called KDF to remove up to 98% of the chlorine that is put into your water supply when it is treated. It also removes the by-products of chlorine, like trihalomethanes. Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury are also removed from your home water supply. The final stage is called the Magnetic Water Treater. It helps to reduce the causes of scale build up, so that the water not only feels good but will reduce time spent scrubbing scale build up from bathroom surfaces.

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Why Choose A Whole House Water Filter

As you can see, our water filtration systems give you complete control over the quality of water that you have in your home.

Our commitment to a happy and healthy family Invironment only continues to grow, and we want to keep offering you more options so that you can live a comfortable home life without having to worry about health and other concerns that can easily be eliminated. Having filtered water available in every part of your home is just one of many ways that you can enhance your family life with HRV.

We know that your commitment to your family’s comfort and well-being is probably even bigger than ours, so check out the rest of our Total Home Solution products – all dedicated to improving the comfort and health of your home. From heating and cooling systems, retro-fit double glazed windows, ventilation and allergen removal, HRV have got you sorted. Live your life to the full, and transform your home environment to an Invironment, with us. We’ve helped make over 160,000 Kiwi families happy, and want to help even more. Get in touch, and see how HRV can do the same for you, today.



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