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Next Generation Ventilation Upgrade

Upgrade your existing HRV ventilation system to the most innovative system we’ve ever developed – the Next Generation. There’s a new touchscreen keypad, set & forget technology and automatic settings changes, so you don’t have to adjust your ventilation levels in Summer and Winter - it does this for you. Speak with one of our friendly team to see if upgrading your current system is right for you..

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How it works

  • Just like your existing HRV core ventilation system, the Next Generation acts as the lungs of a home replacing the stale indoor air with filtered air.
  • It takes drier and often warmer air from the roof space and filters it before distributing it evenly throughout your home.
  • The incoming air is purified through our exclusive nano-fibre filtration technology before it enters your home.
  • Through a process called positive pressure, the stale indoor air is flushed out and replaced with drier, filtered air continually up to three air changes per hour. This drier invironment makes heating your home more energy efficient - great for those chilly winter days.
  • You have complete control over the process with our intelligent touchscreen keypad



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