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    What are the steps to have HRV install an Electric Vehicle Charger?

    There are five simple steps to ensure a reliable EV charger installation at your home or business.

    • Request half hourly data from your retailer

    • Request an HRV electrician carry out an EV charger home assessment

    • HRV to provide an EV home assessment report and installation quote

    • Book in EV charger installation

    • HRV to provide customer service & maintenance as required

    What is Half Hourly Data?

    The majority of New Zealand homes have a smart meter installed that measures the amount of electricity consumed on the property. This measurement is captured in half hourly increments and is primarily used by your power company to calculate the amount to charge on your monthly bill. This data belongs to the account holder and can be requested at any time.

    Why is Half Hourly Data important to Electric Vehicles?

    Half hourly data can be used by HRV to give an accurate picture of the time and day the maximum power demand takes place in your home. From this analysis the extra capacity of the home’s supply and options for an electric vehicle charger installation can be determined.

    If half hourly data is not available, not to worry - we can use other methods during your home assessment to calculate your extra capacity.

    How do I request my Half Hourly Data?

    Take a look at your monthly power bill and use the preferred contact method to get in touch with a representative from your power company – Request ‘half hourly data’ for a full year in ‘CSV file format’.

    • Some power companies, for instance Meridian, require that you download the data by logging in to your account online.

    • If you have changed your power company recently or you are in a new home, a full year of data will not be available - however request the greatest number of days available.

    Should you require further support than what is outlined above, feel free to send an email to Once you have the data send it through to the same email address and we will use it to confirm the extra capacity of supply.

    Why do I need an EV charger home assessment?

    A home assessment is important to identify your home’s electrical infrastructure, the best orientation for an EV charger and the extra capacity of your electrical supply if Half Hourly Data is not available.

    If your property already has several appliances that draw high amounts of power you may be close to the maximum demand for your network supply.

    How long does a home assessment take?

    A home assessment is not expected to take more than an hour however this depends on the layout of the home and position of electrical equipment.

    Can HRV do the install at the same time?

    No. We insist on our customers having a complete view of their consumption and electrical system while weighing up their options for home EV charging.

    Can I get my own electrician to install?

    Yes, while we are the preferred supplier for several well-known manufacturers there is nothing to stop you sourcing your own charger and/or electrician.

    How long does the installation take?

    A standard installation can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on cable run and any extras required.

    Why is HRV installing EV chargers?

    HRV is a subsidiary of Vector, the Electricity Distribution Network for Auckland. EV Charging infrastructure is very important to the future of all Networks. Partnering with manufacturers is a way for Vector to remain abreast of EV charging technology and installation developments.

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