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    Can a single high wall unit heat multiple rooms in the house?

    No, the heat pump should only ever be sized for the room it is in so installing in a hallway to service bedrooms is not recommended.

    What is Auto Defrost Cycle?

    Defrost Cycle occurs in cold conditions during heating mode; when the outside ambient temperature is very cold (near 0°C or below) the moisture in the outside air freezes on the outdoor unit’s coil as the fan blows air across it. The Defrost cycle simply recognises that ice has formed, or has begun to form, on the outdoor unit coil and starts to automatically de-ice’s the outdoor coil.

    Defrost mode is needed as any ice build-up on the outside heat coil will reduce the airflow across it, effecting efficiency and operation of the heat pump.

    When the heat pump goes to defrost mode, you’ll notice the indoor unit will stop heating, the indoor fan will stop or slow right down, the indoor louvers may change position and depending on the model there may be a blinking light on the indoor unit. At the same time the outdoor unit fan may stop running, though the outdoor compressor will continue to run.

    NOTE: It is important not to turn off the unit or change any settings on the remote before the defrost cycle has ended; if the unit is restarted prematurely it will resume the cycle and cause delays in completing the defrost function.

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    Can I use my heat pump to cool?

    Yes - a heat pump also work as an air conditioner so is a great option to cool your home.

    Are heat pumps noisy?

    The internal wall mounted unit has a fan which is designed to be as quiet as possible during operation.

    How many heaters do I need for an average three bedroom house?

    HRV can pop around to your house to provide a free home assessment and discuss your heating requirements, as this can significantly vary depending on building design.

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