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    HRV AirSense™ Ventilation Warranty


    HRV warrants that the HRV AirSense™ ventilation system you have purchased (the “System”) will be free of manufacturing defects for a period of sixty (60) months from date of installation (“Warranty”). HRV undertakes to remedy any manufacturing defect by either repairing or replacing the System or any of its parts (at its sole discretion) and shall cover reasonable onsite labour charges providing any such defect is brought to the notice of HRV within the Warranty period, and subject to the following terms and conditions.

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993:

    This Warranty is in addition to and does not exclude or limit your rights in relation to the System or its installation under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

    Regular Filter Changes:

    Filter changes are required every two years and must be performed by authorised HRV personnel and using HRV genuine filters, at your expense.


    The Warranty shall not apply if:

    • The fault with the System is caused by the recommended filter change not being carried out during the 24 month period prior to the fault;
    • The System is used other than in accordance with HRV’s specifications;
    • Repair work is performed on the System by any person other than: an HRV employee, an HRV authorised service agent or registered electrician approved by HRV;
    • Any additional non-HRV products, such as non-genuine HRV filters, have been fitted to the System; or
    • The System has been damaged by rodents and/or a voltage surge.


    • The Warranty is transferable to a third party providing that proof of original purchase is provided with any claim.
    • Should the System be relocated from the original address, then the removal and re-installation must be carried out by a HRV approved installer at your expense for a continuance of the Warranty.