Does your place have one of the 7 symptoms of an unhealthy home?

As New Zealanders we spend a lot of money on keeping healthy. Healthy food, vitamins, doctor’s visits and prescriptions… it all adds up. We pay for health through our taxes and health insurance too.

What about our homes though? It’s pretty clear that many of our health issues connect to where we live and sleep. So spotting and dealing to the signs of an unhealthy home can be a smart way to prevent some health problems before they occur and stop making existing conditions like asthma and other respiratory conditions even worse.

At HRV we visit hundreds of New Zealand homes every week and we’ve seen what an unhealthy home can do to the people living there. Does your home have any of these symptoms? Let’s talk!

1. Stuffy rooms. Does every room in your home have plenty of clean, fresh air? Look for mould and mildew on furnishings and ask yourself: does it feel fresh in here?
2. Too hot or too cold. This isn’t just about comfort, it’s about health! Don’t put up with uncomfortably cold rooms in winter or hot ones in summer. We can fix both!
3. Mould and mildew. These are sure signs that you have a moisture problem and can aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions.
4. Dampness and condensation. If you’re regularly having to sponge windowsills in the morning then you definitely have a moisture problem. Good ventilation can help here.
5. Dust mites. Harder to spot, but can be an allergy trigger.
6. Pollen and other allergens. If you have a hayfever sufferer in the family, pollen and other allergens inside the home are bad news. A home ventilation system with good filtration can help.
7. High humidity. Aucklanders know all about this one, but good ventilation and air conditioning can turn your home into a haven from humidity.

Three or more symptoms? Let’s talk! A free visit from an HRV expert can help identify where your home could be affecting your family’s health and make recommendations to help you have a drier, warmer, healthier home.