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How does the HRV water filtration system work?

Multi-stage filtration:
1. Multi-stage sediment filter – removes particles larger than 1 micron (very small).
2. KDF filter – removes some heavy metals and works with GAC to help with chlorine removal.
3. Granular Activated Carbon filter – removes up to 98% of chlorine and by-products.

I have the HRV water filtration system and my water is murky – what should i do?

If you fill a glass of water to the top and a whitish murkiness disappears over 1 to 2 minutes, the murkiness is caused by fine air bubbles.

If the colour is brown, the sediment filter needs to be replaced. We recommend replacement every 12 months.

My water has a black look to it.

Flush 20 litres of water through the filter to remove any carbon fines. If the problem persists after 20 litres, the carbon filter may have been over pressurised. A new carbon filter will need to be installed.

The water system has a leak.

Call HRV on 0800 HRV 123. HRV will send a technician out to repair the leak. If the system is within warranty, the repair will be carried out at no cost to you.

How often do the filters need changing?

HRV recommends that you change your filters once every 12 months for a standard 3-5 bedroom house. HRV will be in contact to arrange a filter change or you can book a service online and HRV will be in touch.

My water pressure has dropped. What should I do?

The HRV water system filters may be full of sediment, and are hindering the water from passing through. At this time we recommend a filter change.

Can I change the filters myself?

Yes you can. New filters can be purchased online. Filters will be sent out with a simple set of instructions so you can install the filters yourself. If you are unsure on how to change the filters, then HRV are more than happy to change the filters for you.

I use tank water, will the HRV water system work?

Yes, HRV will specify the correct system for your home.

Will the filter system reduce the water pressure?

If the mains pressure is low prior to install then you may notice a difference after install. We'll do a pressure test during our free home assessment and let you know if your pressure will be affected.

When do I need a cover for the water system?

A cover is required if the system is installed outside. This is to protect the system from sunlight and any weather or environmental exposure such as salt or sulphur.

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